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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Butterfly and the Sparrow.

Write by Helen.
i have a story for you today a story from my mind.
The was a butterfly. Beatuful, Fragile. A creature of the air. She fell in love with a sparrow. Strong and resillient. a bird. He did not notice her. He did not know she loved him. She waited waited. waited, and waited. He did not feel her pain. He felt no pain . She wondered whyb she evern notice him if it was only to be punished by his neglect? She wondered as the mystery of love and feeling? who sent them? where did they come from? why were they so cruel? why did they cause so much pain? The Sparrow did not wonder. He went about his daily business as usual. They were parted. He went his way. She went her way. They had never been jioned together. The Butterfly was not the same inside as she had been before. She had changed. She had lost her innocent thought that all love is proven true by it sintensityh of force. She felt very much older but she did not feel much wiser. She felt in her heart that if she fell love again. She would still love with all her heart. Perhaps this was the strongest lesson? that even when we feel the strongest love, it cannot waver another's feelings love is not seen or felt or touched. it is a feeling inside that we have to ourselves. Only we can feel it 's deepest measure. we are fooled by it's imortance