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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Taste of Indian’s slap

Feeling the Hard Slap of India
It is about 8:30 in the evening. My friend Jinpa was playing carrom with few Tibetan guys at an Amdo restaurant of the day. I was watching an HBO channel on an old TV in the Amdo restaurant and having a cold drink. It was getting late and it was time that we went home. The guys were playing carom with a 100 rupee bet so they lost track of the time. When I came out the restaurant it was already dark, so dark that we cannot recognize who is coming from far toward us. Last day the Tibetan warfare office declared all Tibetan people should not stay outside after 9:00pm.
(This was because two days ago a Tibetan guy used his friend’s house owner’s toilet for that the house owner and his few friends bitted the Tibetan Guy. Finally the Tibetan guy desperately struck one of the Indian men in the head with a rock and escaped from the few of Indian guys. The Indian people said the injury was serious and the Indian man stayed in hospital since that day. Every night around Mcloed Ganj the Indian people gather at night and beat Tibetan people that walk in the street. No Tibetan shops or restaurants can after open after 9:00pm. )
I am not a brave man so that word is kept in my heart so I insisted to Jinpa that we leave now. I waited for him for about one hour and at last he comes with me. One other monk, Jinpa, and I were going to our room. But on the way to we heard few people shouting very loud in the distance. So we listened carefully for few minutes and we recognized that they are Indian and not Tibetan. They shouted in Hindu language. After a few seconds, one Tibetan guy appeared on the temple road. He is along but run very y quickly front of us. We were ready to ask him what happened but him didn’t see us and ran straight to Tsening Dakstang( monastery) because we are standing under shadow of a building. He looked very scared. After few seconds, about ten Indian guys holding sticks about two meters long were running after the Tibetan guy. The Tibetan guy was too fast for them so they did not catch him but these Indian guy kick few rock direction to the monastery so there must been broken few of windows. They hit very strong and we heard the sound of breaking glass but nobody came outside to see what happened. The Indian guys shouted: Where did the Tibetan guy go? Tonight, we must beat enough of these Tibetan people who are country less and stay in our country and eat our food. After that another Indian group arrived holding metal sticks and a few people holding axes and also a few people holding rocks in their hands. I realized that tonight something bad could happen to us, so I called to Jinpa and Kungem that we should go to our room without them not notice. But they not listen to me and said. We want to see what happened. Unfortunately one of the Indians saw us standing under the Building’s shadow and he called to another Indian guy and said “hey guys. Over here there are a few Tibetans” After a moment, two Indian guy run toward us furiously and hit Jimpa on the back very strongly with a three meter stick. Another person was holding an axe he was not brave enough to hit with it but he was threatening us that he could. Instead of hitting me with the axe, he slapped my cheek. Jinpa already fell on the ground after the Indian hit him with a stick. I was trying to save Jinpa and ask the Indian guy not to hit this humble guy who didn’t do anything to break the laws of India or any of the laws of Indian religions. I saw another few Indians run toward us so I told Jinpa and kungem now we should run away now. Then we ran toward Chonor house and climbed a wall and ran into the trees to hide for few minutes. We heard lots of Indians come to look for us and they shouted and threw rocks everywhere. But they didn’t see us and disappeared after few minutes. Then we were trying to come out the trees but suddenly a man appeared in front of us. I cried out in fear but the man also tried to run away when he saw us. Jinpa asked him who are you in Tibetan. After that he realized we were Tibetan so he came near us and asked if there have been any Indian on the way? He is a Tibetan and about 60 years old with glasses. I said to the Tibetan old man you don’t want hide to this Indian they not hurt to you. He said “hi monk you don’t know I already saw they beat a Tibetan old man in street but not so strong hit. I came through this way many years” we sit for few minutes. Also the old man said he was a Tibetan soldier and joined the war between Pakistan and India. Also said how they fought Bangladesh for India. Last he made a log sigh and said now we should go to home. He told us to be very careful on the way. You should reply if they hit to you and whatever they did. We separated our self place. We arrived to behind of Guchu sum building (Movement of Tibet - Former Political ) we heard about twelve Indian guy was damaging few motorcycle which park street side that belong to Tibetan people. We hided in a dilapidated house near to basketball ground until these Indian disappear. Two Tibetan men arrived to the ground before Indian people left. They could not go on the main road so use the narrow way like same us. Last we arrived to our room safely but my room is too small for three people. Only one bed and one chair. One slept on the bed and two sleep on floor without any mattress. Because their room is too far from my place so could not go to their room. My feeling is tranquil and I considered all night how we will stay in India when H.H the Dalai Lama is no longer living? Some reason Chinese government guess Tibetan exile government will disperse in India after the H.H pass. How about their guess? == here do you mean “The same reason the Chinese Government thinks that the Tibetan government in exile will disperse in India after H.H. passes. How about their guess?

The next morning I get up very early and roasted bread. I met one Tibetan guy broken hand and one Tibetan man head bandaged that two people beat last night by Indian local people. Also few Tibetan people were sitting in Delek hospital.