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Saturday, July 17, 2010


After you arrived in Bangalore you must feel the city is perfect to you. Whoever you are a study or Business men. Even you came to the city look for a job or travel. The city is cleaner than another city in India. Even you can see lots of garbage in Delhi city’s main street the Capital India. You don’t need to buy thick clothe in the winter and you don’t need be afraid the hot weather is the summer (like Delhi and Varanasi) It I hear when I was in Dharamsala. Really I satisfied the weather. Sometimes rain about one hour than stopped and sun shine. That is good.

In this moment Bangalore city most development about tech industries in India. Thousand and thousand peop0le came to Bangalore for business and study all country in the world. It make your feeling boring and anger if you a refugee and depart your refugee card to Bangalore. So you don’t department your refuge. I went to commissioner office for six time for arrive stamp on my refugee card.
First they told to me they don’t what is this.

Today Incidentally I went to the big shop which name is Forum. The ship is biggest in Bangalore so all people where that if you like to go is. Hundred and hundred people come to this shop but most people‘s hand was empty as me when they leave. But lots of people eat in Mcdolana (where fast food).