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Sunday, October 4, 2009

At the train station

Today one of my friends went back to dharamasala so I had helped him carry his bag to the train station. You would be surprised if you saw how the people crowded on the platform. Really I couldn't find a space to walk. So I was looking at how other people walked among the crowd. All the people already have a habit of how they can get around in the crowd of people. You cannot stay at this train station very long if this is your first time coming to India. Especially if you're feeling tired of the beggar’s insisting on begging for your money. I just gave two Rs to an old beggar. Because I did not have any more money to give to these poor beggars. You should not think that I am a stingy monk or a monk who has not a little compassion. He he he …..Do you see? I stayed at the train station for 25 minutes and during that time I met about 35 beggars. Most were adults and Children. I would not have had enough money left to pay for my taxi back to my hostel if I had given to all my money to the beggars. He he he…….so I hope that you can understand me..

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