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Sunday, October 4, 2009

A letter from my friend.

Hi Dakpa la! I hope this email reaches you! I must be a better friend and email regularly, not just one time every year!!! How are you? Are you still studying English? Where do you live? Tell me about your life! Believe me, i often, often think about McLeod. I miss the atmosphere, the people, my friends like you! It is such a beautiful place, and it is easy to feel calm and happy there. I am still in Gaza, Palestine. I've been here for 9 months. I was here during Israel's 3 week war on Gaza. It was terrible, Tsering. Terrible. I volunteered as a medic during the war on Gaza. I saw many dead, many injured, and many terrified people. The bombs were so close. I was ready to die any time... you had to be! I could have been killed by tank shelling or by bombs from the war planes and drones. I don't know why i lived and why 1500 died. I also work with farmers. The Israeli soldiers are always shooting at them. We go with the farmers and stand with them. WHen the Israeli soldiers start to shoot at us, we raise our hands and tell them no one has a gun, why are they shooting? its very bad here. Life is sad here, too. Israel has destroyed Gaza, destroyed the palestinians living here. There is no work. There is a siege--Israel controls what can enter Gaza. Life is very difficult.But the people are so nice. I have many friends here. And the only other place I have found such nice, nice generous, kind, loving people is Tibet! Here is my blog: And for the farmers: and the fishermen: I am glad to be here, but very sad in general about the world.So i would love to hear from you, because your spirit always made me happy! I hope that you are well, healthy, happy. please write! your friend,Eva

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